Customer Advisory - CA DataMinder r14.1 installer issue.

Discussion created by devan05 Employee on Oct 15, 2012
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Customer Advisory - CA DataMinder r14.1 installer issue.

CA (DLP) DataMinder Support would like to advise you that an issue has been identified in the r14.1 installer that can effect upgrades from earlier releases of the product.

If you execute an upgrade of CA (DLP) DataMinder to r14.1 via "setup.exe" or "Setup32.exe" from an installation source image which includes the MSSQL Redistribution files (Redist\SQLExpress folder) on a server that does not have a local MSSQL Server default instance installed, this can result in the following error:

Microsoft SQL server express failed to install with error - 2068578303

The issue can be resolved by either (a) renaming or deleting the Redist\SQLExpress folder from the source image or (b) by running the installer MSI (i.e. "server.msi", "server_x64.msi", etc.) directly as this avoids this problem.