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Missing Hard Allocation Section on Staff Member Properties

Question asked by Owen_R on Oct 15, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2012 by Owen_R
Hi All

I have an interesting issue. When we implemented Clarity some years back, a decision was made not to use hard allocations. A predecessor of mine configured our live environment so that the Hard Allocation section on a Staff Member properties page (Team Object) is not shown, first image below.

Now we have a potential requirement to begin the use of hard booking and I would like to reinstate that section. However when I go to the Views on the Team object I can't see any way to add this section back, or indeed see any reference to the Planned Allocation section either. Looking at our development environment, this does have both sections but I cannot see any difference in the set-up between the two.

We don't have display conditions on anything in the Team, and this occurs when the logged on user has Resource Hard Book and Resource Soft Book rights at the global level.

Any ideas or is this likely to have been some kind of undocumented [s]hack[s] customisation? Any suggestions gratefully received.

[edit] - this is on v.12.06