storage overlay?

Discussion created by ChrisHoelscher on Oct 16, 2012
I have recently encountered storage overlay in one CV - I have turned on HPSPO and all non IDMS system programs are marked protect - still get the storage overlay

CA tells me it is a task overlaying its OWN storage - as such storage isolation does no good --- (but would a task overlaying its OWN storage freeze the CV?)

I have gone thru SMF records to look for tacks active in the vicinity - but I fear any task active at the time of the SO will not be written - I will check journals for bgin records on the off chance that this is an update transaction

I have also found dialogs that are abending:

in dialog RED45012 process RED45012-PREMAP version 0001


(the abends I can see are not tied to the storage overlays - but this would seem to be a prime candidates for the events I can't see...)

Of course - the developers say "nothing changed on our side" - perhaps this is true - but I find that occasionally this is a stock answer

Having never had to deal with this problem before, I would appreciate any suggestions on how to find the offender

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