CA (DLP) DataMinder Tuesday Tip: Modifying the default Dashboard.

Discussion created by devan05 Employee on Oct 16, 2012
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CA (DLP) DataMinder Tuesday Tip: Modifying the default iConsole Dashboard display, published Tuesday 16 October 2012 by Andrew Devine, Snr. Support Engineer.

The default The CA DataMinder iConsole Dashboard is presented with six panes, representing;

Overall Risk,
Incidents by Policy Class,
Incidents by Channel,
Event Summary,
Incident trend by policy, and
Incident Trend by impact.

You may wish to remove or slect alternative views that best meet your users needs. To do this;

[*]Logon to the CA DataMinder iConsole as an Administrator user and click on the Administer Searches Tab.
[*]Click on the "System" heading option to move to the "Manage Stored Procedures Screen".
[*]Expand the "Dashboard" option.
[*]Expand the "Page" option.
[*]Select Overview and Click "Edit Properties" from the "Action" menu. The "Dashboard Pane Definition" screen will appear and you can select how many