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Issues in passing link in a Query

Question asked by Supriyo on Oct 17, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2013 by DaniPerez
Hi all,
i have two requirement and facing some issue in implementing them.
Requirement is to include the link in the query.

While trying it with in the attached query throwing an error mentioned below.

@SELECT:DIM_PROP:USER_DEF:IMPLIED:PROJECT_DASHBOARD:( 'http:'||'/'||'/'||'[Servername]'||'/niku/app?action=odf.z_5mpuProperties'||'&'||'odf_code=z_5mpu'||'&'||'parent_odf_view=projectCreate.subObjList.z_5mpu'||'&'||'odf_cncrt_parent_id='||||'&'||'odf_pk='|| ):link@

unable to figure out the issue as the requirement is to show the link in the portlet so that upon clicking on it user can go to the respective page.

Error:'NPT-0120: There was an error while handling your request. Make sure your NSQL/SQL syntax is correct. Note that the : and @ delimiter characters used in expressions must be escaped with \.'

Second issue that is it possible to show a mask to this link
means i d'nt want to how the whole link instead of it want to use it as a hyperlink with a smaller text

Can you suggest something here?

Supriya Chakraborty