CA CloudMinder v1.1 Customer Validation Program is NOW OPEN!

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CA CloudMinder™ v1.1 Validation Program

CA is pleased to invite you to participate in the CA CloudMinder v1.1 Validation Program. Your participation will help us build a set of SaaS Identity & Access Management capabilities that offer you secure access and the ability to manage identities to cloud-based applications as well as your on-premise applications. CA CloudMinder includes key security capabilities such as advanced authentication, identity management, and federated single sign-on. Validation will enable you to be a part of our design process, influence the design and help us validate the key capabilities.

Your contribution to this critical product test cycle is directly related to the success of the generally available (GA) release of CA cloud security services and ensures we deliver solutions that are ready to meet your real-world requirements.
Here is the link to register for the validation program :

As a participant in the Validation Program, you will communicate directly with the Validation Research & Development, and Product Management team to investigate and address any reported problems, questions, or comments.

For more information on CA’s Enhanced Validation Programs and Participation Requirements please visit


Mayank Choudhary
Product Management
Security Division
CA Technologies