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Transaction Traces Filtering

Question asked by carloszuluaga on Oct 18, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2013 by GaborMAROS1308492
Hi there!

I'm monitoring an application with hundreds of JMS and Tibco listeners running every second, so when When I run a transaction trace session, in the first 10 seconds it reaches the 500 limit of the workstation, but all of them are JMS and Rendezvous listeners that are not needed for my analysis.

In order to find a complete trace, I've trying with filters like URLs and processname for Tibco in different transaction traces windows, but I still get a lot of listeners because this processes and listeners have similar names, so effective transaction traces are hard to obtain.

I'm wondering:

- Is there any smart way to filter transactions of the same process without set many filters and windows?
- For the transaction traces that are taken every 2 minutes, is it possible to avoid JMS and listener captures?
- Is there any way to set permanent filters for manual and automatic transaction trace sessions?
- How do you deal with lots of JMS transaction traces?