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Importing Transactions at the Cost Center level

Question asked by TGuzek on Oct 18, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2013 by navzjoshi00
We are currently investigating going to a lower level of detail for importing Transactions from PeopleSoft GL to Clarity. We currently import Transactions primarily at the GL Account and Project ID level. We have it set up to map the GL account to a specific Clarity resource (Can have multiple accounts pointing to the same resource), which is where the Clarity department, Txn Class, etc. are set when the transactions are processed. These mapped resources are setup defaulting to Clarity Departments that all fall within IT and we are interested in seeing the breakout of IT cost from Business area cost for a project.

So therefore we are investigating also bringing in Cost Center from PeopleSoft GL to be able to differentiate the IT vs. Business transactions. My question is what would be the best way to accomplish this?? Can we set the Department different from the resource's default department and still use that resource in WIP? Will that cause any issues down the road if we need to do any WIP Adjustments etc.?? Is it even possible??

It seems at first glance like the "Cleanest" way would be to Map the Combination of Account and Cost Center to a specific Resource that is then assigned a department corresponding to the Cost Center, but that would add hundreds, if not thousands, of Resources to Clarity for us that are simply used to map the data.


Thanks in advance!!