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Error in Portlet NSQL after OBS Name Changes

Question asked by mscann on Oct 18, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2012 by mscann

Has anyone have any insight to this error? "NPT-0103: Error when trying to execute the query. Native message: [CA Clarity][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-01789: query block has incorrect number of result columns SQL Text:"

I'm receiving this error in my NSQL to a Portlet that no longer "validates." The code below is a sample from an NSQL to a Portlet that stopped working. I'm trying to understand if it was due to an OBS Name change recently (In my lower environment)....or is there something else that I should be looking at as well?

"SELECT id app_id, name app_name, filtered_attribute Attribute, full_name it_contact, owner owner, manager manager, manager_id manager_id, obs obs, obs_id obs_id, attribute_type attribute_type, ls lifecycle_status, attribute_lang attribute_lang, retirement_date retirement_date from ( SELECT i.ID, i.NAME, u.full_name, to_char(?) attribute_type, to_char(?) attribute_lang, (SELECT full_name FROM SRM_RESOURCES WHERE user_id = ca.owner_business) owner, (SELECT full_name FROM SRM_RESOURCES WHERE user_id = i.manager_id) manager, (select id from srm_resources where user_id = i.manager_id) manager_id, NVL ((SELECT name FROM CMN_LOOKUPS_V WHERE lookup_type = 'APPLICATION_*** AND language_code = 'en' AND lookup_code = CA.lifecycle_status), '-blank-' ) ls, (CASE WHEN UPPER (TO_CHAR (filt.filtered_attribute)) IN ('N/A','NA', ...