CA DataMinder Tuesday Tip - The File Scanning Agent (FSA).

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CA DataMinder Tuesday Tip - Improving file scanning performance published Tuesday, 23 October 2012 by Andrew Devine, Snr. Support Engineer.

The File Scanning Agent (FSA) integrates CA DataMinder with the stored data used by your organization. It is designed to scan, analyze and apply appropriate policy controls to;

Files saved in local or remote file systems,
Items stored in Exchange Public Folders,
Items hosted on Microsoft SharePoint sites and
Text entries and documents stored in SQL Server or Oracle databases.

When a scanning job runs, an event is generated for each scanned item that causes a trigger to fire. All file events captured by the FSA can then be viewed alongside existing e-mail, Web and IM events using the iConsole or Data Management console.

To improve performance and productivity the FSA can optionally use a NIST database of known files to identify files that do not need scanning. CA distributes a NIST database that is pre-configured for use by the FSA.

Note: This database ships separately from the FSA installation package. You must manually install the NIST database before installing the FSA.

For more information on the FSA and NIST please refer to the CA DataMinder Stored Data Integration Guide (DLP_Stored_Data_Int_ENU.pdf), which is available to download from the CA DLP Documentation Bookshelf here on the CA Support Portal (