Clarity Released and Available for Download

Discussion created by Stephanie_Dumbrill Employee on Oct 24, 2012
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We are pleased to announce the release of our first patch on our new 13.1.0 version. As you know we have moved to a monthly patch cadence on our v.13.x versions to quickly get critical fixes out to our users. 13.1.0 patch 1 is released for general availability. Please contact Clarity Support at 888 550 6458 (or your local number) or log a ticket via CA Support Online to request your download.

The tested and supported upgrade paths to 13.1.0 are and

If you are currently on you can upgrade directly to 13.1. If you have patch, applied to your system then please apply patch BEFORE upgrading to 13.1. Once you have 13.1.0 applied to your system, you can then apply which includes all of the fixes that were provided in, and This allows you to upgrade smoothly and retain the fixes you had available in the patches.

Thank you for your support of Clarity and this community.