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Autonumbering for sub-objects in custom partition

Question asked by PallaviS on Oct 26, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2012 by Juan_Ortega

We have a process which creates new sub-objects instances based on some business rules. We use overrideautonumbering tag to use the defined auto-numbering scheme instead of providing specific IDs in the gel script.

However, after upgrading to 13.1 we had changes with the way overrideautonumbering tag works. As per the support, we had to change overrideautonumbering from being an attribute to an arg in the header. It does generate auto-numbers now but it we have another problem:
We have custom partition defined in our application and we use that. Now, the sub-objects are created with the default autonumbering scheme defined in the SYSTEM partition instead of using the scheme defined in custom partition.
Our master object instance is in the custom partition.

Any pointers to resolve this issue would be appreciated.