CA DataMinder Tuesday Tip: Upgrading made easy.

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CA (DLP) DataMinder Tuesday Tip, published by Andrew Devine, Snr Support Engineer on 30 October 2012.

When the time comes for an upgrade to a DLP/ DataMinder environment, a few easy steps may make upgrading easier.

1. Always read the manual.

CA produces an upgrade guide (DLP_Upgrade_ENU.pdf) to accompany every release of DataMinder. The latest version covers upgrades from 6.0, 12.0, and 12.5 deployments to CA DataMinder 14.1. It highlights the essential issues you need to be aware of when rolling out upgrades across your organization and describes any necessary post-upgrade tasks.

2. Plan your upgrade.

Upgrading individual CA DataMinder machines is simple. In principle, we recommend that you upgrade all your CA DataMinder servers (gateways, Event Import machines, policy engines, and so on) at the same time as the CMS. Do this during a period of minimal user activity, beginning with the CMS and then working down the machine hierarchy to each server successively.

In practice an upgrade in an enterprise environment can be long and complicated so it is essential that the whole process is planned from start to finish.

3. Take a backup.

While the CA DataMinder team implement a robust Quality Assurance and rigorous testing process, it should not be assumed that problems
never occur. Always make backups of the program, registry and data areas to ensure that the system can be recovered if something goes

4.Use the latest hotfixes.

Check the CA Support Portal ( for the latest hotfixes, some of which may be required to upgrade successfully, others are needed to address known issues. As it can be time consuming to install CA DLP from the GA (General Availability) image and then add in service packs and patches, running the upgrade from a fully patched Administrative image help speed up the deployment. See the earlier tip here for more details.

5. Test the upgrade.

If you are running multiple environments (for example UAT/QA or Test environments), run through the upgrade before deploying in production. This will ensure that any issues can be ironed out before a production roll out.

6. Notify CA.

If you are planning an upgrade over a weekend or public holiday, advise CA (DLP) DataMinder support and supply them with the upgrade plan. This will help CA Support spot any problem areas before the upgrade commences and ensure that the appropriate support teams are on standby in case you encounter any difficulties during the upgrade process.