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AutoSys Dependencies

Question asked by asparmar on Nov 4, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2012 by pkazmir

Currently, using version AutoSys 4.5 - should be upgrading to r11 soon.

I'm a basic user of AutoSys and would like to have some clarification around some scenario's.

1) If Box A is dependent on Box B and both boxes are on different AutoSys instances, what's the best approach to enable this dependency?
- in the past I've used "^". Are there any downsides to this approach?
- Any performance issues? I've been led to believe using the "^" this may cause a performance issue.

2) Box A is dependent on the SUCCESS of Box B and Box C. Both Boxes A, B and C run on a daily basis, which by definition Box B and Box C runs to SUCCESS then Box A runs to SUCCESS.
- If Box B runs to SUCCESS on Monday, but Box C is still running or fails in effect Box A does not start meet it's starting conditions, so does not start on Monday. On Tuesday, Box C completes, Box B is still in a SUCCESS state from the Monday run, Box A is still in a Waiting (or equivalent) state from Monday. Does this mean Box A will start immediately after the SUCCESS of Box C, using the previous day SUCCESS of Box B and Tuesday SUCCESS of Box C?
- What scenario's would mean Box A would run on a previous day SUCCESS of any of these jobs?
- What would be the best approach to avoid the previous day SUCCESS of a Job?
- Do we need some daily reset job - is this advised?
- If using a reset job, how would this work - would there be any disadvantages of this approach?