Assignment Actuals are not populated in Forecast Plan

Discussion created by PrabhuRVP on Nov 7, 2012
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Hi All,

We are using Clarity 7.5.3.

After posting the timesheets on a tasks in the project. I have tried to create the Forecast plan for the project. While populating the values using 'Populate from Staff Plan'->'Assignments', I have got an alert message like 'You have chosen to plan by transaction class and charge code. One or more resources in the staff plan are not financially enabled. One or more tasks in the staff plan does not have a charge code. Do you want to proceed? Click Yes to create a financial plan with only the valid staff plan data. Click No to cancel the process.'.

I have clicked 'Yes' and proceeded but I didnt get any error message , also no actuals are captured to the Forecast plan from Assignments.

1. Checked the financial details of all the resource allocated to the project -> all the resources are financially enabled.
2. Checked the chargecode details of all the tasks in the project -> chargecode is assigned to all the tasks.

I like to know why the Actuals are not captured in Forecast Plan.

Many Thanks in advance.