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Setting colors in dashboard graphs

Question asked by John.Kulcyk on Nov 7, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2012 by John.Kulcyk
OK, a couple of newbie questions. I'm creating dashboards showing application performance and I'm having trouble finding some things:

1. Where can I set the colors of the graphs? When I aggregate values from several machines it picks colors unrelated to the other graphs. I'm sure this is a basic function but I'm just missing it somewhere. Also, where are the markers set?

2. How about the bar chart, how do I set the colors there? Is there a way to have it change color as it goes over warning/error thresholds? And where do I set it to make it go vertical?

3. I can set the scale on the graph, but when I go out of Live mode it reverts to autoscale. Again this is a pretty basic function but I can't find out how to set it. It's hard to easily compare related graphs when the scale keeps changing.

4. Is there a way to draw Warning/Error lines on the graph?