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Busniess Analytics Implementation - your experience

Question asked by tnestor on Nov 7, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2012 by tnestor
We are preparing to implement the CA Business Analytics "tool" from CA.
We have been gathing requirements from our customers regarding what data that they are interested in as far as trending goes.
Our task is really to implement BA so that they can begin to start trending on some of the custom fields that we have created in Clarity.

My question is, has anyone implemented BA? Could you give some advice one lessons learned?
Why did your organization implement BA?
My customer base will be hitting the BA data cubes through excel. The learning curve in using excel to manipulate the data seems huge.
My customer is primarily Project Management.
Financials will be coming in a year or two.
I'm not sure that BA will be the answer to the problems that they are trying to solve, so I am wonder how other companies/organizations have implemented BA.