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Express Reorg still not used

Question asked by dmahaney on Nov 8, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2013 by Datadmin
I work as an IDMS-Data Administrator 1. When hired in, I had no previous experience with mainframe or IDMS DBA type work. It was all new, on the Job Training. Now I am able to work alone, set up unload/reloads, restructures, create new databases, EZ-Reorgs a few, etc. I have not been able to put together an Express Re-org. The manual seems vague to me and all of the other more experienced IDMS-DBAs have been moved to other positions, or I would seek their help. Now there are only 2 people in the IDMS-DBA group. A Data Administrator II and myself as a Data Administrator 1. Express Reorg has not been set up and ran here. I would love to have a copy of a checklist with a complete example of the JCL for the Express Re-org job. Is there a complete example of the JCL to run an express re-org some where in any of the release manuals? I have R17 IDMS with Express Reorg commands. Has anyone ran Express Reorg enough to say it is faster or better than the traditional Unload/Reload setup for expanding and area or areas? As you can see, I am looking for any help offered.

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