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XOG for Creating/Approving WIP Adjustments

Question asked by Dale_Stockman Champion on Nov 12, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2016 by Dale_Stockman
I have a situation where years ago, many projects were setup incorrectly with 'chargeable' resource input types and 'standard' Investment Finanical (Invoice) Type. Even though these projects were inactive, turning on the Generate Invoice job, recently (so that we can a begin using the Chargeback capability, now, going forward), has resulted in about 80,000 erroneous errors in the "Messages" log, where they are listed with the root cause of 'no chargeback type defined.'

I want to update all of these transactions to Chargeable = No.

Obviously, one can create WIP adjustments via the UI - but there is not 'select/edit all' capability, so the time to do this manually is prohibitive.

What alternative methods exist? Does an xml file exist that would allow creation/approval of WIP adjustments via XOG? If not, would one suggest updating the transactions directly via SQL update script?