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Upgrade help from R6.5 to R12.3

Question asked by akentosh on Nov 12, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2012 by Saravanan_Ramalingam
We are currently in the middle of a "parallel" upgrade from R6.5 to R12.3. I quote parallel because it's a different approach then a true parallel upgrade. What we have done:

- Created Solaris zones, two machines per environment, two zones per machine
- One zone contains a 6.5 instance, the other zone contains a 12.3 instance
- We are migrating products per domain from 6.5 to 12.3
- The policy servers are multi-mastered to each other (6.5 is separate from 12.3 though)

So basically we have two totally different environments. Once the installations are completed for the 12.3 zones, I am running an smobjexport on the corresponding 6.5 instance (what we are currently using) and doing an smobjimport on the corresponding 12.3 instance. I have been doing a basic export using clear text and ignoring keys (as we are not mixing our environments). My question is at the time of import:

Should I be using the "-f -- overwrite existing database record" upon import?

My initial instinct was yes, but now that I am thinking about it, is this overwriting some of the schema changes between 6.5 and 12.3 BACK TO 6.5? If that is an issue, is there any way to resolve this without re-installing the policy server?

Thanks in advance for any support