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V13 :browse-only and multi-valued field

Question asked by ispa-consulting on Nov 13, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2012 by ispa-consulting
I have an issue with a dynamic lookup which I want to use with a multi valued lookup field.
The dynamic lookup will display only the users who are not inactived :
SELECT @SELECT:r.user_id:user_id@




FROM srm_resources r, cmn_sec_users u
WHERE = r.user_id

AND u.user_status_id IN (select id from cmn_lookups where lookup_type='SEC_USER_STATUS' AND lookup_code IN ('ACTIVE','LOCK'))


I create a multi valued lookup field in the resource object and associate my field with the lookup.
I go on a resource R1, and I select a resource R2 for my field and I save: everything works fine (I can select only the active and lock users)
Now, I inactive the resource R2.
When I go to the resource R1, my field do not display the resource R2 !!

I thought that BROWSE-ONLY was only for the selection and didn't impact the previous selection.

Where is my mistake ?

Thks a lot for your help