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New OWB v2.0 selective scheduling of task absent

Question asked by docbug on Nov 13, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2012 by another_martink

prior to formal migration toward Clarity v13.1 of our PPM system, I've tested a mirror database within ClarityV13.1.

In particular, I checked some old bugs for OWB and the connector.

Reading the offical release note, I saw an interesting new feature of OWB v2 which consist of the ability to reschedule only a part of the WBS by selecting a task.
I saw an interesting demo via Digital Celebrity website, telling that this feature is available via the context menu of the task.

Unfortunately, when I tried to see it on my OWB version, I couldn't even see the feature...

Did someone had the same probleme or do someone know why?

Thanks for any answer.


Stéphane RIVET