Using XOG to insert a new team member

Discussion created by rayyan on Nov 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2013 by Chris_Hackett
Hello all

I'm new to XOG and GEL, and I need a push here please
I have a custom field in the project object called custom_PM2 for the list of users, I want to add a process or something that should use XOG to enter this custom_PM2 and put it as a team member and Participants

I found in the Project_Write a tag for the resource

<Resource availFrom="2012-05-26T08:00:00"
availTo="2012-08-27T17:00:00" bookingStatus="5"
defaultAllocation="1" isProjectManager="false"
openForTimeEntry="true" resourceID="******this should be taken from my custom field******">

So this process should check if the user is not already a member, if yes, this script will copy this manager from the custom field to the list of resources and participants
It's ever better if I can add him only as a participants, but that is another story.

So please anyone?