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NSQL Error - Urgent - Part 2

Question asked by mscann on Nov 19, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2012 by mscann
Hey all.... I'm receiving the following error in a NSQL for one of the customized Portlets (for a Dashboard) that stopped working when there were changes made to the OBS Names and updates to the Application Registry Object. ...actually we don't know when it became invalid. I need a validation on what the issue is?

The Error: "NPT-0103: Error when trying to execute the query. Native message: CA Clarity Oracle JDBC. DriverٍOracleÙORA-01789: query block has incorrect number of result columns SQL Text:"

We have a “Dashboard” that has four separate customized Portlets – which in turn means four separate NSQL Queries. (The orginator of the Code is no longer with th organization and so I was left with little - to no information). There were recent changes to the Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) Names in Clarity - so the Queries needed to be updated to reflect those name changes and the Dashboard could remain functional....simple huh? I made code changes to the other three Queries and they all validated and work. However, the one query that didn’t require changes - is the one that mysteriously stopped working. I originally thought that the Query broke because the “OBS” Ids are hard-coded in the Query. But since confirmed that this isn’t’ the case.

1. The attached “Main Query “ (App Detail Original_v2_NSQL) is the one that is “broken.” It is producing errors (See attached error file – “App Detail NSQL ERRORS_v2) when I try to validate it in Clarity. I believe the output of a Meta-Query, (Code for making Part of the Linked Portlet) for this Query needs to be inputted into this Main Query but again, I don’t think this is the culprit based on the errors I received. and

2. The Errors point to bad Union Statements. Therefore, another possible problem that I’m looking at is that there are links to another Main Query for the Pie Chart funtion of the Dashboard (One of the Portlets). (See “Pie Chart Query Original_v2). There is another Meta-Query to generate the Union Statements for this Query and they may not match anymore. (See the file “Union Statements Output_v2”).

Again I need validation on what the issue is….maybe someone is up to the challenge and can help me idenitfy the "culprit" and put this back together? Thanks for looking!