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RE: CA Tuesday Tip: Top 10 common causes for EM performance issues - Checkl

Question asked by morning on Nov 20, 2012
Latest reply on May 30, 2013 by SergioMorales
Thanks Sergio,

Here the issue is little bit different.
1) There are four Collectors in our system, and MOM all are in LINUX and having CEM with Three TIMS, Individual Collectors on separate Servers (Not at one server).
2) Mom also separate on Linux O/S. (One stand By MOM)
3) The last month and this week again Collectors started crashing one by one during the day and morning times. The transactions are just like any other transactions in a commercial setup.
4) We are trying to check the heap, the error /Alert messages are "PING TIME”, "Harvest Duration crossing the limit".
5) Collectors crashed three of them almost one after the other.
6) Smart store might be corrupted, my thoughts.

Could you please suggest the to the point measures. I consulted the manuals, but could not found one short list answers. Need help.