Virtualized DB Tier on Clarity V13.1

Discussion created by shalinee on Nov 20, 2012
Hi All,

We are planning to move on Clarity V13.1 and our Infrastructure team has informed us that they have planned to move all the server from physical to virtual setup. This includes our Database server too.

In our current setup, we have application servers as virtual server while database server is physical.In order to taking that in consideration, we found the interesting comments in CA V13.1 Release

In the 13.1 Release Notes, CA states
a) Databases can be run on any vendor-supported operating system.Production databases are not supported on software virtualized operating
systems. It is also recommended that any downstream environments that are intended for performance or high concurrency testing match what is used in

b) Production Databases are not supported on Virtual Environments. .
Since customers want to maintain DEV and QA environments that reflect the
PRODUCTION environment, that is tantamount to a recommendation against
Virtualization for those uses, as well.

Yet in the Implementation Best Practices section, it states Going forward,Clarity will not be specifically regression tested against any virtualized
platforms. Any OS that Clarity supports will be supported virtualized.

Does CA support its clients using Virtualization on the database or is CA just stating that they will not Regression test in a Virtualized environment?

Therefore need to know what CA 's level of support for a virtualized environment. What would be the criteria for those who all are already in Virtual setup in older version.

Any Help/suggestion will be much appreciated.

Thanks for your help.