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Time Slices - Redefining "FROM DATE" Doubt

Question asked by Mathan114 on Nov 21, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2012 by Dave
Hi all,

I have a basic doubt in Time Slices.

I want to change the "From Date" of a Slice Request, say SLICE REQUEST ID=2 (DAILYRESOURCEACTUALCURVE).

Currently the FROM DATE for this Slice Request is "01-01-2005", I want to change the From Date as "01-01-2010".

Can I perform this action via Admin Side Time Slice Link and run the Time Slicing Job ? (I believe the answer is "yes")

My Doubt:

1. Is that all I have to do ? or Do I also need to change SLICE STATUS of records in any of the tables ?

2. How will Time Slicing Job pick up the data all over again, if the SLICE STATUS of the Assignments are null ?