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Wily Introscope 9.1 not starting under UNIX

Question asked by alexpoitras on Nov 21, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2012 by alexpoitras
Greetings !

I come to you today since I have a problem with my Wily Introscope version 9.1 in my SAP Solution Manager 7.1 system using Java 1.4.2.
(Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.4.2)
Classic VM (build 1.4.2, J2RE 1.4.2 IBM AIX build ca142-20090307 (SR13) (JIT enabled: jitc))

Wily Introscope simply can't start using the UNIX command line : ./ start

Here is a trace from the log file :

11/21/12 03:04:16.763 PM EST [INFO] [main] [Manager.EMWebServer] Deployed web application: CA Styles r 2.1
11/21/12 03:04:16.925 PM EST [INFO] [main] [Manager.EMWebServer] Deployed web application: CA Styles R5.1.2
11/21/12 03:04:17.479 PM EST [INFO] [main] [Manager.EMWebServer] Deployed web application: Wily APM Axis and Muse Web services
11/21/12 03:04:17.769 PM EST [INFO] [main] [Manager.EMWebServer] Deployed web application: CEM URL Adapter
11/21/12 03:04:17.957 PM EST [INFO] [main] [Manager.EMWebServer] Deployed web application: Introscope Online Documentation
11/21/12 03:04:18.864 PM EST [INFO] [main] [Manager.EMWebServer] Deployed web application: Introscope WebView
11/21/12 03:04:26.764 PM EST [INFO] [main] [Manager] User "WilyWebView" logged in successfully from host "localhost"
11/21/12 03:04:28.393 PM EST [INFO] [main] [Manager.EMWebServer] Deployed web application: Workstation WebStart
11/21/12 03:04:28.479 PM EST [INFO] [main] [Manager.EMWebServer] Deployed web application: Isengard HTTP Tunneling Server
FATAL ERROR: '[ERR 0614] The processor has encountered an internal error condition. Please report the problem and provide the following information: Method not found: class =
interface org.apache.xml.serializer.SerializationHandler method = startAttribute args = [class java.lang.String]'
11/21/12 03:04:36.713 PM EST [ERROR] [main] [Manager.Bootstrap] Load all Management Modules FAILED.

11/21/12 03:04:36.722 PM EST [INFO] [main] [Manager.EMWebServer] Shutting down EM Web Server...
11/21/12 03:04:36.764 PM EST [INFO] [main] [Manager.EMWebServer] EM Web Server shutdown complete.
11/21/12 03:04:37.308 PM EST [INFO] [main] [Manager] Shutting down data persistence subsystem
11/21/12 03:04:37.313 PM EST [INFO] [main] [Manager] Shutting down the Isengard server
11/21/12 03:04:37.335 PM EST [INFO] [main] [Manager.DependencyMapServerBean] DependencyMapServerBean passivate
11/21/12 03:04:37.345 PM EST [INFO] [main] [Manager.IscopeAlertsExtension] Isengard Alert Extension Bean has been passivated
11/21/12 03:04:37.429 PM EST [INFO] [main] [Manager] Orderly shutdown complete.

Introscope Enterprise Manager failed to start because:
An error occurred while loading the Management Modules.
Press 'Enter' to acknowledge....


I've google for "ERR 0614", I've look into the installation of Wily Introscope 9.1 from SAP MarketPlace, to see if some parameters in the .lax file were wrong, I've check if the initial was successful in the /install/Introscope_9.1.0.0_InstallLog.log

Did you ever had this issue when starting Wily ?
If so, what have you done ?

Your help will be greatly appreciated ! :)