Timesheet Time Entries Not Appearing in the WIP table?

Discussion created by harje14 on Nov 22, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2013 by Connie_Fu
Summary of Issue: Resource's approved and posted timesheets are not appearing in the WIP table. There are also no errors that appear in Invalid Transactions.

If a resource's timesheet time entries do not appear in the financials after running all the financial jobs, check the Financial Properties Active check box on the resource's properties page.
Log into Clarity with an account that has financial access rights.
Click on the Resources link.
Type in the last name of the Resource in the Last Name field.
Click the filter button.
Click on the Resource's name link.
Click on the Financial link.
Check to make sure the Financial Properties Active check box is selected.
If not, click in the Financial Properties Active check box and click the Submit button.

Next, you only have to re-run the post timesheets job to get the timesheet's time entries into the financials tables. You do not have to adjust the timesheet.