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Poll: Large strings - sorting

Question asked by another_martink on Nov 22, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2012 by another_martink
How are large string fields expected to behave if sort a list view by one?

My understanding is that you cannot search or filter a large string field because the data is actually in a binary field and you criteria for search or filter is plain text and they don't mix.

While you can display a large text field in a list view and the text displays like any text what is going to happen when you click the column heading to sort by that column?

If polls were enable this would have the choices

1) Nothing

2) You get an error message

3) The view is sorted records having large string either at the beginning of at the end in random order

4) All data just disappears and you get a view with the column labels only and no records

5) You don't get anything displayed and your view is corrupted and since you don't have the actions drop down any more you cannot restore the situation

6) #5 plus system crash

Which one is the proper behaviour (ie expected) and which one is the actual? Cast you vote.

Martti K.