Change department OBS order (by default ordered by entity name)

Discussion created by DaniPerez on Nov 22, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2013 by DaniPerez
Due the addition of new entities with the year after the name (ie. company2010,company2011,company2012)
When I open Department OBS from Resources or Projects the list of departments appears under the parent entity, but these entities are ordered by name (ascending).

Since I would like to have the latest entity in the top (company 2012) I tried to modify some lookups (i tested with those with name '*entity').
I changed the default sort order in "Browse Window" section and even I check with Preview button and the lookup displayed the results as I liked.

However from Department OBS lookup I still seeing the list of entities+department in Ascending sort order. :O

I see the window open for Dept OBS from Resources and Projects has the address:

Which lookup is opened by the previous address?
Where can I change the order?
Can i change the old entity name (for instance to "old_comany2010")?