Offload Journal files in Local mode Job

Discussion created by Fadul on Nov 23, 2012
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We are using a local mode JOB to update a large database with no Journal assignments. If this JOB is canceled or abended, a restore is done and JOB restarted. But, this process is consuming a very long time for recover the database.
So, the application was changed to do commit, restart and use disk journal files in local mode. My questions are:

1. How to size journal files to support large database changes in local mode ? (Note: The JCL has a PARM to specifiy the frequency of COMMIT desired. My recomendation is 100 records.)
2. Is it possible to automate the offload of the Journal files running a job in local mode?
3. Can WTOEXIT monitor the Journal Full message and offload the journal files in local mode?

Any suggestions ?