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[r12.5] Search Text Syntax

Question asked by dave.michael on Nov 23, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2012 by dave.michael
I need to write Search Text that will hit on all of the following:
Working for competitor
Working for competing
Working for vendor
Working for supplier
Invest competitor
Invest competing
Invest vendor
Invest supplier
Interest competitor
Interest competing
Interest vendor
Interest supplier
Are you Working for any competitor of ours?
Are you Working for a competing company?
Are you Working for a vendor
Are you Working for supplier or supply-side manufacturer?
Will you Invest in a competitor to get more information?
Will you Invest time in a competing company?
Will you Invest vendor resources?
Will you Invest a supplier with more information?
Do you have any Interest from a competitor?
Do you have any Interest from a competing company?
Do you have any Interest in my brother’s vendor?
Do you have any Interest in any supplier besides my uncles?

I have tried the following:
{{Working for}|invest|interest}%ANY%competitor
{{Working for}|invest|interest}%ANY%*competitor
{{Working for}|invest|interest}%ANY%[*]competitor

Generally, I seem top be able to get hits on the top 12, but I can't seem to get the bottom 12 to trigger.
The request from Compliance is to write a policy that will find e-mails that have any of the first list of 3 words ianywhere in the same e-mail as the last list of four words.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.