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Strange error when upgrading policy store 6sp4 to 12sp3

Question asked by iammi on Nov 26, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2012 by Chris_Hackett

We are facing a strange error witch is not documented

The environnement is as follow

- 1 Policy Server on windows 2003 (r6 sp 4)
- iis web agent 4 qmr 5
- User store, Policy store, Key store on novell eDirectory 8.8.7

I am doing parralel upgrade to site minder r12 sp3

I have done the following

- Installing siteminder policy server r12 sp3 and enable failover between (r6 sp 4 and r12 sp3 policy servers)

- And when I try to extend the Policy store schema using litterally the procedure described here :

Every thing is ok but when launching :

XPSDDInstall SmObjects.xdd ---> I get the error : "CA-XPS:LDAP0014(ERROR) : Error occured during "SearchExt" for "(xpsNumber=*)", text: DSA is unwinlling to perform " but the command seems to be successful, could any one tell me the meaning of this error ?

when running the following command : XPSDDInstall EPMObjects.xdd, I get an errors that I can not understand

Could any one help