BOXI 3.1 SP3 Required for IdM 12.5

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If your CABI 3.2 "C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SC\CommonReporting3\BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\ProductId.txt" reads: BuildVersion= You're not Affected, but if not please read on...:

Reasons to upgrade to at least IdM SP06:

(There’s an underlying legal issue which resulted in the re-release)
This is a re-release of IM r12.5 SP6, however, includes support for CABI 3.2.
You can download the release at the Support site

There are two things to make note of:
1. When selecting the release from the product dropdown on the support site, please select SP06, and NOT SP6)
2. The name of the report server included in SP06 has been changed to “CA Business Intelligence for Sun Solaris r3.2 – DVD” and “CA Business Intelligence for Windows r3.2 0311 DVD” (this is different from what was posted with the original SP6 release: “CA Identity Manager r12.5-CABI 2.1 - IAM Reporting Server Solaris-ESD Only” … etc.)
Other than the inclusion of CABI 3.2, there are no other functional changes from the original release of SP6 (or any new functionality).
***You can’t simply uninstall Report Server and Install CABI 3.2 and expect IM SP6 to establish a connection to it, you need to ensure you have at least SP06 deployed in the IM EAR in order to leverage the new APIs required to connect to BOXI 3.1 SP3.

SP06 needs to be installed on production, before any supported report server work can be performed.

Here are some reasons why you’d be requested to upgrade, yet again (if only going to SP06):

With SP06 you’ll be getting the supported version of the report server (XI 3.1 SP3), which can also be leveraged in the latest SP13/14. There’s a number of scalability fixes for reporting within SP8/9, which you may want to consider, but upgrading IM from SP06 to SP9/10 or SP13/14wouldn’t involve a reinstall of the report server, just a redeployment of the biar file on the report server.

Reasons to upgrade to SP10 or higher:
Fixed inability to filter large snapshots, which in large enterprises prevent account based reports from being produced.
Fixed audit queries to properly filter data, which over-time in large scale enterprise deployments results in audit reports not being produced.
Blank reports have been fixed, which cured “blank roles report” known issue.
Reasons to upgrade to 12.6:
Fixed SSL connection between IdM and Report server.

Please post with any questions or concerns.
Thank you.

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