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Question asked by k.durshanapally on Nov 27, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2012 by Dave
We are planning to deploy a new cluster of clarity environment in Europe to serve our europe and asia customers more efficiently. So we are wondering on how to keep in sync the current production clarity cluster in USA with the new cluster in Europe. We have the idea of keeping in sync the databse but wondering how to keep in sync from the application side.

Please help us in providing a detailed architectural and configuration description or diagrams in order to implement this new environment.

I heard that its difficult to sync application servers since both the environments are in different clusters and hence we face issues. For example, whenever a user amkes a change in one cluster, the user in the other cluster will not see it until he cleans the system caches in the application and relogin. So i am wondering on how to implement this configuration so that when a change is made in either of the environemtns or clusters, it must reflect in other cluster immediately without any manual system cache cleaning.

I also wonder how the bg service in both the clusters work and co-ordiante and also what will be their interdependency between these two clusters.

Please advise & thanks in advance.