CA Clarity Tuesday Tip - Upgrading to Clarity 13 from 12.x with SSO

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[color][center][size=7]Upgrading to Clarity 13 from 12.x or earlier with SSO (Single Sign On)[size] [center]

[size=5]In Clarity V13+ development enhanced the product by changing the functionality so that when you make changes on a page only part of the page needs to be refreshed instead of the whole page like previous versions of Clarity. You will notice that there is now a # sign in the url. This is what allows Clarity to redraw/reload part of the page instead of the whole page unlike earlier versions of Clarity. This change will affect SSO users unless a change is made to their Clarity configuration so that Clarity can send a string that the SSO server can parse.

NOTE: SiteMinder is still the only SSO software integration with Clarity that is supported per the Compatibilities section in the Clarity release notes.

When you are using SSO with email notifications or Export to Exel (when it creates Clarity links), Clarity must pass a string to the SSO server that tells that SSO server where to redirect the user. However, when the SiteMinder server sees the Clarity URL with the # sign in it, it correctly ignores any information after the # sign. Our development team has added configuration options to Clarity V13 that will help you get around this problem. They have added an external entry url option that can be used to replace the portion of the URL that SiteMinder (as well as other SSO programs) can’t read with something that it will be able to read. It changes the url that will be used for email and Export to Excel to the old style of Url that was used pre-V13 which Clarity can still parse correctly.

If you were able to use the standard entry url in the NSA in V12.x or earlier and your email and excel links worked correctly this configuration change should work for you. (In other words, you did not have to write a script or use an external entryurl to make your email and Excel links work.)

Here are the instructions for how to make this configuration change after your upgrade to V13

Add the following parameter to your properties.xml in the ApplicationServer section:


So if your application server section looks like this:

[color=#2c7031]<applicationServer vendor="tomcat" useLdap="false" home="c:\ca\tomcats\apache-tomcat-7.0.25" adminPassword="admin">[color]

or like this:

[color=#2c7031]<applicationServer vendor="tomcat" useLdap="false" home="c:\ca\tomcats\apache-tomcat-7.0.25" adminPassword="admin" externalUrl="">[color]

you would change it to something like this:

[color=#2c7031]<applicationServer vendor="tomcat" useLdap="false" home="c:\ca\tomcats\apache-tomcat-7.0.25" adminPassword="admin" externalUrl="replace(/niku/nu#action:,/niku/app?action=,${entryurl})">[color]

If you have multiple servers in a cluster, you will need to modify the properties.xml on each server.

Once you have completed these changes, run the following command from the command prompt on any one of your Clarity servers to upload the changes you made to the Clarity database:

[color=#2c7031]admin general upload-config -info[color]

Once you have done this, you will need to restart your app and bg services in order for the change to take effect.

For further information, see the section on External Entryurls in the Installation guide for your version of Clarity (V13 or above)[size]