What you may have missed in the Security Distributed Community!  12-3-12

Discussion created by Chris_Hackett Employee on Dec 3, 2012
Dear Security Community Member,

With so much going on in this great community I thought it might be beneficial to consolidate some more recent activities in case you might have missed one.

In the Tuesday Tips Sections (Subscribe if you wish to have notification of future Tuesday Tips) -

CA DataMinder -

How to install an x64 utility machine with JET

CA IdentityMinder -

BOXI 3.1 SP3 Required for IdM 12.5

CA SiteMinder -

SiteMinder Cookies, their Usage, Contents and Security

Other News -

December 4th (Tomorrow) Webcast: Optimizing CA SiteMinder® Performance and Uptime: Key Metrics and Dependencies!

In CA IdentityMinder Scripts and Tools - Multiple Dynamic Drop-down Boxes

In CA SiteMinder Scripts and Tools - SiteMinder Mobile Authentication App

In CA SiteMinder Scripts and Tools - Java Replay Tool

CA World 2013 registration is open and community members get $200 off!

That's it for now folks but I'm sure there will be a lot more soon! Take a moment to get on the message boards and make your voice heard!


Chris Hackett
CA Technologies
Principal, Community Programs