CA Tuesday Tip: (CA ESP) How to show lock with ESPWSS7904E on Workstation?

Discussion created by Lucy_zhang Employee on Dec 4, 2012
CA Tuesday Tip by Lucy Zhang, Principal Support Engineer for 12/04/2012

This may occur if one user loggon to TSO and issue RR to get into the Restart panel, and stay there. Then another user loggon to Workstation GUI and try to restart the same JOB.

The messages like below show up:
ESPWSS7904E Serialization-control error - LOCK failure: Already held by a token-holding user - Flags: Error=x'0000010000000000' Info=x'0000000000000000'

When this occurs, the user can issue "INFOMSG SET" then "ENCREQ LISTLOCK" from LMI mode (on workstation) or Page mode to "see" the lock, most importantly the value on USER indicates the ID that holds the Lock. Then you can reach to the user and ask him/her to exit from the panel.

More detail can be found under ENCREQ on Command Reference Guide. And CPEENCLG in ESP STC output shows the activities of locks.

Note: Lock will expire automatically after one hour. Currently there is no ESP command can release the lock.