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Question asked by splogad on Dec 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2013 by ferask1

I have access to my SFTP folder for my Clarity PPM Ondemand instance.
In this folder I have three main folders:

Foreach of them I uploaded a param.xml with different values.
Now I would like to read the content of such file via GEL.

My consultant gave me such trick:
<!-- The XOG URL is taken from a custom properties file-->
<gel:parse file="../config/properties.xml" var="properties"/>
<u:tokenize var='entryUrl' delim='/'>
<gel:expr select="$properties//webServerInstance[@id='app']/@entryUrl"/>
<core:set value="http://${entryUrl[1]}" var="XOGURL"/>
The u namespace is from the util library ~ <gel:script ... xmlns:u="jelly:util">

It is compiled and validated, but[b] I cannot find the correct path, could anyone help me while finding such information?