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Portlet Performance Question

Question asked by Owen_R on Dec 6, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2012 by Owen_R
I have the following situation occurring and I'm struggling to work out what is causing the problem below:

I have a portlet on a tab on the Overview page. The underlying query for the portlet filters the data based on the Clarity user ID of the logged in user. Automatic filtering is enabled when the tab is opened.

When we log in with the same Clarity ID but on different machines the performance varies hugely:
on one machine the portlet will return data in < 2 seconds; on another machine, the first time the user logs in and goes to the portlet, it can take >20 seconds for the same dataset; if the user logs out of Clarity and then goes back in on the same machine data can come back in < 5 seconds and subsequent refiltering of the portlet works acceptably.

There is no difference between the machines (both are laptops and the browser, O/S etc are the same on both). They are in the same physical location and are connecting to the same instance of Clarity on the same server.

I have enabled SQL trace and looked at the resultant timings. Obviously the same query is being run each time because the logged on Clarity user is the same in both cases, yet the run times are noticeably different. I've also done a performance tracking session in the NSA, with the lowest level of granularity and I can see that the call: persistence.nsql_internal is the long running one.

Any ideas or suggestions as to what else I should be considering?