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What is Data Dictionary versioning used for?

Question asked by liam.dutton on Dec 13, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2012 by liam.dutton

just a general query, and not meant to be contentious in any way.

Bit of background on my part would help. I originally started my developer career on ICL Machines (VME), and moved to IBM. I'd had extensive experience of IDMSX, and it's associated Data Dictionary

One of the most useful facilities within ICL DD's, was the ability for the DBA of incrementing the latest DD Version. This allowed the Developers to pick the particular version of DD, and it's associated code. If the developer used the latest version of the DD, any amended or new code would only be in that version. This gave us the confidence to work on multiple projects within the same environment, with different delivery timescales.

I've only worked on one IBM site, and it's not a facility I've seen implemented here. I've been informed that the IDMS DD sees Version 1 as the latest version, and therefore any later versions are seen as previous (redundant versions).

Is this a restriction within IDMS DDL, or an implementation issue within my site?

I've looked through what I thought were the most appropriate manuals around this issue, but found no reference around development practices using DDL Versioning/Implementation.

Can anybody give me any guidance around this subject, or point me to the manuals/whitepapers that cover this subject?


Liam Dutton.