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How to encrypt the password in WatchDog Command?

Question asked by Nkota on Dec 13, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2013 by Hiko_Davis

WatchDog command is not considering the encrypted password in empwd flag, which we mentioned in users.xml, always we have to use the plain text password
to monitor the Introscope EM status through the WatchDog and it’s showing the clear text password while we grep the WatchDog process. If we don’t mention the
plain text password even though the EM is up&running, WatchDog will return the EM status as stopped because it will try to log in with Admin user to retrieve the status of the EM.

root 1270 1 0 Dec10 ? 00:00:48 ../jre/bin/java -jar
WatchDog.jar _runwatchdog -watch -port 4321 -startcmd
-interval 300 -startuptime 100 -empwd xxxxxxx

Any Ideas....