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Discussion created by John_George Employee on Dec 13, 2012
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CA Technologies is working to build documentation scenarios to help you get more value out of Clarity. We've identified 21 documentation scenarios that we think would be most beneficial to you. However, you are the experts, and we would love to get your feedback. Please review this list, and let us know how you would prioritize them (1 = most important to you; 21 = least important to you). If we missed something that is important to you, please add it to the list.

Thank you.

[*]How to Manage Investment Teams
[*]How to Manage Resources
[*]How to Manage Time in CA Clarity PPM
[*]How to Get Started with Financial Management (cost plans/budgets, benefit plans, resource constraints, rate matrix considerations, etc.)
[*]How to Manage a Project Work Breakdown Schedule
[*]How to Manage Project Changes, Risks, and Issues
[*]How to Track and Communicate Status on an Investment
[*]How to Get Information Out of Clarity (Reports, Charts, Portlets, Export Options, Clarity Solution Pack)
[*]How to Set Up Personal Dashboards
[*]How to Work with Background Jobs and Processes (timeslices, time posting/transaction posting jobs, update, best practices for scheduling jobs)
[*]How to Collaborate on Projects
[*]How to Get Started with a New Clarity Installation
[*]How to Create a Basic Portlet, NSQL query, and Lookup
[*]How to Use Partitions and the CA Clarity PPM Security Model
[*]How to Work with Workflow and Processes, XOG, and GEL
[*]How to Improve the Performance of CA Clarity PPM
[*]How to Work with the Requisition Process
[*]How to Create a Process (including an example with 2 Objects)
[*]How to Convert an Idea to a Project
[*]How to Set Up an Audit Trail
[*]How to Make Project Subpages Secure