Prorating time in Clarity

Discussion created by ppmike on Dec 18, 2012
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Hi guys,

I am asking for examples on how to tackle prorating of hours on submitted time sheets?

For instance a region with 8 daily working hours, one resource works 16 hours on one day on 3 different projects (Proj1 - 5hrs, Proj2 - 5hrs, Proj3 - 6hrs)

Our objective is to proportionately reduce each task booking by 50% (8 / 16 = Proj1 - 2,5hrs etc.)

1) How would you specify the split between normal / over time? Are your resources trained to judge this? Would you ask them to split their over-time accordingly?
2) If only 8 hours can be billed, how would you prorate the time to reflect the extra time?
3) Does anyone use a GEL script to do this calculation?

Many thanks,