Configuring multiple Administrative UIs and Policy Servers

Discussion created by masvi10 Employee on Dec 19, 2012
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Tuesday Tip by Vijay Masurkar, Principal Support Engineer, for 12-18-12

Questions often come up such as this on configuring more than one Administrative UI (AdminUI) and Policy Server (PS) together in SiteMinder R12 setups.

Here’s one example: We have two R12.5 policy servers sharing the same policy store. AdminUI is installed on the 1st PS. Now, we want to install AdminUI on the 2nd PS, but we are unable to register. Is it possible to have multiple AdminUI’s for the same policy store?

The answer to the question is “yes”. But, you need to find out what the intention is here. Because, first of all, if you’re intending to do “High Availability of AdminUI”, that requires a minimum of two PS anyway. So, if there’s one PS outage, it should not cause bringing down of both AdminUIs.

- Both PS need to be (and can be) configured using the first AdminUI using what is called: “Multiple Policy Server Connections”, and with external administrator store.

In addition, Multiple PS Connections:

* Once configured, the Admin UI login screen contains a list of Policy Servers to which the Administrative UI is registered.
* By default, the Policy Server that was registered first is the default connection.

- Then, can you can have a second AdminUI for High Availability so policy store objects and administrators can be managed even with one AdminUI outage. However, both must have a common external administrator store.

For details, refer to the R12 Policy Server Installation, Administration and Configuration Guides for the SiteMinder R12 release in use.