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Discussion created by dorothy.livecchi on Dec 20, 2012
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Take the challenge

The CA Process Automation Global User Community is announcing a contest where the winner will receive a free registration pass to CA World 2013 (April 21-24, 2013). The CA PAM Community Board is looking for presenters for future community webcasts. If you have a webcast topic (30-40 minutes long) you would like to present we are interested in hearing from you. To enter the contest click reply to this post (you must be logged in) and submit your proposed topic title and a short description of your presentation. The community will be invited to click on the Votes icon (must be logged in) at the bottom of the topics they would like to see. The topic with the most votes will win the pass.

The contest ends February 15, 2013. The contest is open to CA Process Automation Community members. CA Employees and Board members are exempt.

The winner will be announced in the message boards and will be notified by email. The winner must be able and willing to attend CA World according to their corporate rules on accepting gifts. If the winner is unable to attend the topic with the next highest amount of kudos will be selected. Everyone is encouraged to submit a topic whether they can attend CA World or not.

The pass covers the entrance fee to CA World 2013. The pass does not cover travel, lodging or any other expenses related to CA World 2013.