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Application server threads Block Issue

Question asked by KrishanPratap on Dec 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2013 by VLu
Hi ,

I am facing a issue with Application server while installing wily java agent.
Before going ahead, I would like to brief on Application Architecture first.
Application Architecture ---------------------------->
No. of Load Balancer : 1
No. of Application servers : 4
App4 (deployed wily tomcat java agent )
No. of database Servers ( Oracle version - 11g) : 1
Tomcat Webserver version : 7 , JVM : 1.6
Wily APM Version :
Wily Tomcat Agent version :
Problem ---------------------------------------------->
While configuring wily agent in Application server threads are getting blocked and application responses slow.
( thread blockage information was given to us through a screenshot which was taken from java console , I have attached the same for
Detail Description ----------------------------------------->
On 11 Dec (Tuesday ) Agent was deployed on App1 server around 4:20pm and it was being observed till 7:00pm , No thread blockage was reported till the time.
Suddenly client reported around 7:30pm that application getting slow andbthreads are getting blocked . Hence wily agent was taken off and application server was restarted.
Also we dint find any wily related error in agent logs and application logs.
Finaly we decided to put agent again and monitoring the thread blockage.
Hence, We put agent around 10:00am in the morning on 12dec and observed the execution for the whole day till 6:00pm ,it worked fine.
But , Suddenly client reported on 13 Dec ( next day) around 12:00pm , issue (thread blockage) has occurred and agent was taken off , also the application server restarted.
I am looking forward if someone also has faced such kind of issue in other environment.
NOTE : No Additional PBD deployment.
Everything is by default.