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Webi Ignoring Custom SQL - Please Help!

Question asked by Rob-FCB on Jan 3, 2013
We have a few Webi reports and on all of them I have some level of custom SQL that has worked fine.

However today I am trying to modify one report by just changing the custom SQL so it points to a different SQL Server view but when I run the report the data still is getting returned from the original view.

When I run the custom SQL in SQL Query Analyzer I get the correct data results. I've even gone so far as to change the view in Webi to a name that doesn't even exist just to see if it would throw an error and it doesn't, so it's totally ignoring the custom SQL. Like I said, I've never seen it do this before.

I need to resolve this ASAP.

I read somewhere that it might be a Universe Access Restriction issue, but we have no defined restrictions and I am running this as the Admin.