SPLASH SCREEN - force training, news, events, system outages - TIP

Discussion created by andrew.m on Jan 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2013 by Chris_Hackett
I've built quite a few portlets recently to display news on the main page.
I neat little trick is to set the portlet to full screen and include a "I confirm I have read this message" hyperlink that has javascript to restore or minimise the portlet.

Instructions as follows:
Create a HTML portlet with the text you want to display, ensure that you include one of these links

Minimise the portlet hyperlink
<FONT SIZE="4"></A><a href="javascript:navigateToURL('app?action=npt.minimizeUserPortlet','portletId= PUT YOUR PORTLET ID HERE ','pageId=npt.overview','url=/niku/app?action=npt.overview&action.shortcut=homepage','instance_type=SYSTEM','instance_id=-1')">PUT YOUR MESSAGE HERE</A></FONT>
Restore the portlet hyperlink
<FONT SIZE="4"></A><a href="javascript:navigateToURL('app?action=npt.restoreUserPortlet','portletId=PUT YOUR PORTLET ID HERE','pageId=npt.overview','url=/niku/app?action=npt.overview&action.shortcut=homepage','instance_type=SYSTEM','instance_id=-1')">PUT YOUR MESSAGE HERE</A></FONT>
Navigate to administration then portlet pages
Find overview, and click on it
Within content press add and add the portlet you created.
Select Maximised on this portlet.
Press save.
Within layout, organise where your portlet will restore to.

Once you are happy go back to properties and press publish.

On the next login they will see the full screen splash screen message.

Bonus evil admin tips
Force a training session on them using Capitivate. Have it so they must score 100% before they can use the system. (it will issue the JS link)
Use falling/scrolling text
Use this as a pop up every login for acceptable use policy.